Lil' Mosey, the 15 Year-Old Phenom From Seattle

Lil Mosey

Meet Lil' Mosey, the baby-faced assassin from Seattle. Since premiering on December 7th, 2017 through Elevator's YouTube channel, his debut music video Pull Up has quickly racked up over 3.5 million views. 

Assisted by YungTada's ability as a visual artist to make the mundane look refreshing, the 15 year-old shows off his advanced hit-making ability by crafting a catchy hook with a smooth sing-song delivery. The Black Mayo produced beat sounds like it could have been on an Uzi album and provides a feel good trap sound to complement Mosey's style.

 Lil' Mosey

Lil' Mosey

Thumbin’ through these strips like I don’t know better

Lil' Mosey's sound is more reminiscent of the current Atlanta scene than it is Seattle, or the West Coast for that matter. The production he gets usually consists of happy melodies combined with booming trap bass. While he doesn't spit the poetic rhymes that old heads love, saying that his music lacks substance would be an incorrect statement. On February 12th, he appeared on the Genius channel to discuss the lyrics to his breakout single. 

Lil' Mosey shows the same penchant for making catchy hits on other songs such as Been On, Skrt Off, and So Bad. Early in 2017, he dropped his first mixtape, NorthsBest, which has gone on to rack up over 2 million plays on SoundCloud. Capitalizing off the success of Pull Up, Lil' Mosey had the privilege of opening for Lil' Xan at a show in Seattle last month. Here is a preview of his next music video which surfaced the other day on Twitter.

As long as he stays true to his craft and continues to improve, Lil' Mosey is here to stay. At only 15 years old, Mosey's sound is mature beyond his years and he shows mainstream potential that has never been seen from the Seattle Hip Hop scene. 


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